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Beaumont, TX

Beaumont and Port Arthur System - CHRISTUS Dubuis Hospital of Beaumont

CHRISTUS Dubuis Hospital of Beaumont - Main Campus
2830 Calder Ave., 4th Floor
Beaumont, TX 77702
Phone: 409-899-7680
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Located within:
CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth Hospital
Phone: 409-899-7680
Fax: 409-899-8158
Patient Referrals: 409-899-8312
Number of Beds: 36

CHRISTUS Dubuis Hospital of Beaumont is located within CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth Hospital, the largest hospital between Houston and Baton Rouge. CHRISTUS Dubuis Health System took over ownership of Special Care Center in Beaumont in July 1996 changing the name to CHRISTUS Dubuis Hospital of Beaumont. Today, it has a total of 36 long-term acute care beds to provide care to medically complex patients. These patients require extended acute care hospitalization with specialty programs focusing on ventilator dependency, wound care, and rehabilitation. Services provided by CHRISTUS Dubuis Hospital of Beaumont include, but are not limited to, the following: 24-hour nursing care, acute and post-ICU medical care, ventilator care and weaning with 24-hour respiratory care, wound care, comprehensive inpatient physical, occupational, and speech rehabilitation, cardiac monitoring, IV therapy, blood transfusions, dialysis, therapeutic nutritional support, pain management, case management, chaplain / spiritual care, social work services, patient and family education.


Administrator: Keith Rogers

Co-Medical Director: Andrew Aldrich, MD
Dr. Andrew Aldrich is board certified in both Pulmonary Diseases and Internal Medicine. Dr. Aldrich received his medical degree and completed his residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, Texas. His fellowship in Pulmonary Diseases was completed at the University of California Medical Center in San Diego, California.

Co- Medical Director: Muhammad Aziz, MD

Patient Referrals: 409-899-8312

Community Health Needs Assessment 

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